Natural Nails
A facial for the hands
Jessica manicure with heated mitts which helps to lock in moisture, soften cuticles and prevent hangnails.
A facial for the hands £32.50
Jessica Manicure £20.00
Jessica Pedicure £25.00
Jessica File & Paint (Hands & Feet) £17.50
Spa Manicure (Add on: Gel + £14.00) £30.00
Spa Pedicure (Add on: Gel + £14.00) £35.00
Minx Pedicure £40.00
Minx (without pedicure) £20.00
Callus Peel £20.00
Express Nail Tidy £15.50
Varnishing from £12.50
GELeration delivers a high shine, chip free finish for up to three weeks. Working alongside the Jessica system, GELeration is designed to continue to protect the natural nail - from application, to wear and soak-off removal.
GELeration Manicure £31.00
GELeration Pedicure £35.00
GELeration File & Paint (Hands & Feet) £27.50
GELeration Removal £5.00
nail extension image
Nail Extensions
Nail Extensions - 10 instant long nails
Full set (Acrylic nails) £50.00
Regular Acrylic Nails Infills £30.00
Full set Forever French (Infills) £55.00
Forever French (white tips) £35.50
Nail tidy £15.00
Per nail £5.00
Removal £12.50
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